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Hey everyone ~ my name is Julia, I'm a 19 years old girl living in France. I absolutely LOVE Disney. :3

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Disney Villains Week: Day 2: Favorite Villain Song
➸ The Mob Song (Kill The Beast) - Beauty and The Beast (1991)
"Through the mist, through the woods. Through the darkness and the shadows. It’s a nightmare but it’s one exciting ride. Say a prayer, then we’re there. At the drawbridge of a castle, and there’s something truly terrible inside."


Alan Menken + Disney songs

Happy birthday, Alan Menken!


A boy lost his beloved brother… [x]



Shit my Japanese Elementary School Students are Into: Disney Tsum Tsum

I got this today !! it was 1,95€ owo so cheap~ they also had Cinderella and Snow White, but since I had already bought quite a lot of Barbie accessories, I thought I should just buy this one… but I really want the others now… y__y